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Whiplash Compensation

Most road traffic accidents in the UK do not result in serious injury, the most common injury being whiplash. It is possible to receive compensation for whiplash injuries in England, and Wales. This is known as ‘general damages’ which forms part of your compensatory claim. To pursue a claim for personal injury it is usual that you will be seen by a medical professional to assess your injury. The medical report will provide a basis on which your claim can be valued, will assist to identify any further treatment required and give you peace of mind that your injuries have been independently reviewed. Although you will be asked to attend an examination as part of your case it is important that you still attend your own GP or hospital to seek treatment as required throughout the duration of your injury, the independent expert will request your medical records (should it be necessary) to assist in preparing his report for your claim.

Whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly moved sideways, forward, or backward. The sudden motion forces the muscles and tendons supporting the vertebrae in your back or neck to stretch beyond their normal limits which can result in serious strain of the muscles in your neck, back and shoulders. It is a painful condition which may be noticed immediately after the accident but in some cases becomes more apparent over the next few days. Either way, if you see a medical advice as soon as you experience pain from either your GP or local hospital. In some serious instances the forces can be so severe that it can cause the muscles to tear and in extreme cases it can cause disc bulges on the spine. These are issues that can cause long term problems which is why it is important that you seek medical attention.

Symptoms of whiplash can include muscle stiffness and pain affecting the neck/shoulders/back, headaches, blurred vision, numbness radiating through the shoulder and down the arm which results in mobility difficulties particularly when turning and bending.

The independent medical report will not only document your injuries but also the duration they have lasted or are expected to last, the affects on your working and personal lifestyle, treatment you have had, or potentially will need in the future and as such will help to support other areas of your case such as loss of earnings. The examiners are independent. They report directly to the courts and as such are essential in supporting your claim for injury and many other aspect of your cases and as such it is important that you make the examiner aware of all other issues that have impacted you as a result of your injury such as time off from work (loss of earnings), cancelled holidays and unused gym memberships for example.  

Uninsured & Untraced Drivers

Even though the law of England and Wales requires that drivers carry proper insurance, some of cars driven in Great Britain do not adhere to this rule and the number of uninsured drivers is on the rise. This means that you may be in a car accident with someone who is not insured properly or even at all.

Road accident injuries are a serious matter to consider, as costs incurred from accident injuries can add up. However, there are ways to be compensated for personal injury car accident claims even if your injury is the result of someone who does not carry sufficient insurance. Worst still are untraced motorists who cause damage to other people's property and cause injuries but leave the scene.

Claiming accident injuries in such cases means that you will need to make an claim through another means. In the UK, the compensation amount for each eligible car accident claim involving accidental damage (as well as accident claims involving personal injury) can vary.

Accidents can be costly but injury claims can offset the damage. If you are not personally at fault for an accident, and the driver who accidentally hits your car does not have insurance, you can still usually file an injury claim with the MIB (Motor Insurer's Bureau) which has been set up, and is funded by, all insurance companies in the UK. They will treat your claim as if they were the third party that you could either not trace (untraced drivers) or did not have insurance (uninsured motorists).

Child Road Accidents

Thousands of children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year. Nearly two in three road accidents happen when children are walking or playing. Almost two-thirds of child accident victims are boys and as a child gets older the risk of a road accident increases. The risk of being involved in a road accident when walking or playing is more than 10 times greater for a child with hearing difficulties.

Pre-school children are least at risk of death or injury on the road. One reason is the use of car seats for the very young. As children grow older, however, they are more likely to travel without using a belt, or to use adult belts without a booster cushion, and casualties increase. Child restraints must also be used properly if they are to save young lives.

This is not always the case. A study by the AA and Devon County Council found that 24 per cent of child car seats were too loose, 21 per cent of the harnesses were too loose and 21 per cent of the buckles were not fitted properly. Rear-facing infant seats reduce the risk of fatal injury in a crash by more than 70 per cent, forward-facing toddler seats by more than 50 per cent and safety belts by 45 per cent. In the USA only 10 per cent of children under the age of five travel unrestrained – but they account for more than half of child deaths in cars. As children grow older the risk of them being killed or seriously injured in a traffic accident outside the car (i.e while walking and playing for example) increases much faster than for those travelling by car. 

Eighty per cent of accidents involving children occur during the school holidays, at weekends or in the afternoon and evening on school days. Because so many parents take special care, the journey to school does not constitute a high risk for children aged under 11. As children grow older, they become more independent and spend more time away from home.

Casualty rates rise with the longer evenings and on summer days; deaths and serious injuries to children can be up to 20 per cent higher than in winter. Children in inner-city areas are at much greater risk. They make more journeys on foot and spend more time playing in the street because there are fewer play areas. There are also more cars parked in the street, reducing visibility and making crossing the road more hazardous. 

Most child victims live in the area where the accident happened. But the older the child, the further from home the accident tends to be.

Passengers injured in road accidents in cars or on public transport 

Passengers that are involved in accidents are legally in a very strong position. Unless you as a passenger somehow contributed to the accident itself, which is of course unlikely, you will be regarded as an innocent party.

You will therefore recover your damages without any liability issues being raised. The driver of the vehicle you are travelling in as a passenger owes you a substantial duty of care, as do other drivers and other road users. If this duty is breached and you suffer personal injury through no fault of your own then it is entirely appropriate that you seek road accident compensation. We can help you with your claim and have an excellent team of road accident specialists at our disposal.

Whether you were a bus passenger injured in an accident, a car passenger, a taxi fare paying passenger or even motorcycle pillion rider - we may be able to help you claim compensation. Making a passenger accident claim with us will not cost you a penny unless you are successful so please make your enquiry today. We can deal with any accident involving passengers in cars, taxi's, buses or pillion passengers on motorcycles. We can also help you receive the much needed treatment for whiplash and other injuries. Why not make your enquiry now. 

Bus Accident Compensation Claims

If you are involved in an accident and are injured whilst a passenger on a bus it is possible to make a claim against the person who caused the accident. However, one needs to be able to prove negligence on the part of either the Bus Driver or any other motorist or party involved. You will also need to prove you were on the bus at the time of the accident.

You should always take details of the bus you were travelling on, the time and place of the accident and the name or number of the driver. You should try to obtain details of any witnesses to the accident, such as other passengers on the bus. If another driver was responsible for the incident then you should obtain their name and address and vehicle details also. It may be wise to involve the police if you are injured, as all injury accidents should be notified to the police.

Any injury should be reported to the driver immediately and to the bus operator or company as soon as possible after the accident. You should always keep your ticket to prove that you were on the bus in question at the time of the incident. 

All buses are required to insure in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988, just the same as private cars.

Motorcycle & Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

Motorcycle accidents can result in personal injuries ranging from minor whiplash to serious brain injury. Whatever type of motorcycle accident you have suffered you are entitled to claim compensation if someone else was at fault. Some examples of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Collision with another vehicle 
  • Falls from trying to avoid a vehicle 
  • Falls from hitting a defect in the road 
  • Pedestrian being hit by a vehicle 

In most Motorcycle accident claims, the person's insurance company who was at fault pays compensation. Even in the case of an uninsured or 'hit and run' driver it is possible to claim compensation through the Motor Insurers Bureau, an organisation established to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured or untraced motorists. 

If the cause of the accident is a result of road disrepair (a motorcycle or bicycle wheel hitting a pothole in the road for example) a claim for compensation may be made against the authorities who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of public roads. Road defects can be due to faulty road design, disrepair, inadequate maintenance, or failure to remove a road hazard. The highway authority or local council are obliged to keep the condition of roads and pavements up to a reasonable standard by way of a regular inspection regime and a subsequent program of repairs. If they fail to do so and injury occurs then they can be held liable to pay compensation. 

We are experienced in dealing with the vast range of injury types sustained from Motorcycle accidents, including cuts and bruises, whiplash and broken bones to head injury, spinal injury, and fatalities. Tragic events such as brain damage and spinal injuries can result in long-term consequences on the lives of the victim and their family. We will ensure you receive the best medical treatment that your injury requires. Once liability has been established, our network of medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists will provide you with priority appointments to make sure you receive the necessary medical advice, treatment and rehabilitation when you need it, rather than when it is too late. 

Motorcycle accident claims are often more complex and it is important that a specialist represents you.  

Pedal cyclist accident claims

If you have been injured in an accident whilst riding a pedal bike, this section may help you decide whether or not you may have a claim for compensation. There is a useful case study below that may also be of interest. We would strongly recommend any injured accident victim to seek immediate legal advice on their situation. 

Interesting cycling facts (Source - Sustrans National Cycle Network -

  • More than 3.5 million cycles were sold in 2007 up from 2.8 million in the year 2000. The UK's ever expanding cycle lane network now stretches to 12,000 miles. The average cost of maintaining a pedal bike is no more than £75.
  • You can see why cycling has become so popular - particularly in an age of increasing economic uncertainty.  
  • STATISTICS NEWS UPDATE for 2006 (Released July 2007): Pedal cyclist casualties fell from 16,561 in 2005 to 16,196, a drop of 2%. The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured fell by 1% overall to 2296, and the number of fatalities fell marginally by 1% to 146. 

The majority of the cyclist accidents that we deal with involve other road users simply failing to see the cyclist. If you are a cyclist and have suffered personal injury in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you want an independent view on your compensation prospects following an accident please telephone our accident claim line today or fill in the enquiry form.

Your case will need careful management - we have a team of road accident compensation Solicitors who specialise in these claims. Call us now on 0161 873 5291 or complete the form opposite and we will contact you to discuss your claim.

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